Non-invasive Treatments

Tummy before

Tummy after

Bottom-thighs before

Bottom-thighs after



“I have just finished my first course of treatments for inch loss, and I am delighted with the results. The areas of suborn fat that I have not been able to reduce from diet and exercise alone, have sufficiently diminished. My clothes now feel looser and I can fit into my favourite pair of jeans. I found the treatments with Angela very enjoyable, as she put me at ease and explained all stages of the procedures. I would highly recommend these treatments for anyone looking to improve their body shape.

Michelle Richardson”


Face before

Face after



“I had a series of facial treatments with Angela at Azari Hair and Beauty. She used the RF machine on my face which improved the fine lines round my mouth, lifted the contours and left my skin feeling soft and plump. Using the Bio current machine she lifted my brow and I feel that my face looks brighter and refreshed.

I am truly delighted with the results.


Non-invasive Treatments

Azari Hair & Beauty Salon are always looking to bring the most advanced and revolutionary treatments to our customers. In addition to our existing treatments we are now offering ground breaking treatments. Please see our new non-invasive treatments below for details.

Skin tightening and Cellulite reduction

These treatments are designed to target fat and to tighten loose skin.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Uses ultra- frequency sound energy transmitted into the sub- dermal tissue to break down stubborn fat deposits, whilst also promoting smoother and softer feeling skin.

Used to breakdown stubborn fat deposits in the following areas:

• Stomach • Buttocks • Thighs • Legs • Arms

Single treatment


RF Skin tightening for the body

RF skin tightening uses “high frequency” RF waves of energy to heat the sub-dermal collagen fibres, causing old collagen fibres to shrink, providing an IMMEDIATE tightening and plumping effect.

Mummy tummy is usually caused by fat and loose skin. The heat produced by this treatment in the sub-dermal layer, promotes production of collagen, the protein that gives skin its firmness, therefore resulting in a firmer, tighter stomach.

Areas treated:

• Tummy • Bottom • Thighs • Tops of arms

Single treatment


Laser Lipo

Laser Lipo works by emitting low level laser energy to target fat cells within the subcutaneous fat layer. When fat cells absorb the energy from the lasers they then release fatty acids, water and Triglycerides. This results in the fat cell content being expelled from the body through the process of lymphatic drainage.

Single treatment


Introductory package 6 sessions of Cavitation plus 2 sessions of RF skin tightening – £395

Non-Surgical facelift

Anti-ageing face and neck treatments

Would you like to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face without undergoing surgery? The pure lift machine combines a number of technology’s including one that specifically helps skin tightening thanks to radio frequency. Our bodies collagen production naturally begins to slow down as we age, resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles. RF skin tightening works by transmitting high radio frequency waves of energy to heat the sub dermal collagen fibres causing old collagen fibres to shrink, providing an immediate tightening and plumping effect.

Bio Micro Current

Bio-current uses low energy electronic current to generate an electro-magnetic field between two treatment poles which triggers a bio-electrical response within the dermal tissue around the eye area promoting health and vitality of cells whilst causing existing collagen tissue to shrink, providing an immediate tightening and plumping effect.

The results include:

• Eye bag reduction

• Improvement of dark circles around the eyes

• Softening of Crow’s feet

• Immediate eyebrow lift

The overall effect is of rejuvenated and more youthful looking eyes.

Single treatment


Photon Light Therapy – SeeMask

Photon light energy is absorbed into the skin cells which encourage many different beneficial effects within the skin.

These include:

Red Light: Anti aging collagen promotion and skin plumping.

Blue Light: Destroys bacteria within the dermis resulting in the reduction of inflammation the main course of breakouts and Acne.

Purple Light: Accelerates cell regeneration and renewal.

Single treatment


6 treatments


£395 = Course of 6 treatments for RF collagen boosting and skin tightening, including BIO eye lift and SeeMask

Results may vary from person to person and all results and testimonials are based on personal experiences. There are many factors that can affect individual treatment results, including but not limited to lifestyle, age and diet. As such, Azari are not able to provide guaranteed results though we do engage with customers to achieve the best results possible in each given situation.